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Manisha Singh Rajawat

Contact Number :- 8619045152

Manisha Singh is the founder chairperson of ‘Maan - The Value Foundation’ which has been working since 5 years for the upliftment of underprivileged children, women empowerment promotion and preservation of art and culture. She is a renowned educationist in the field of art and culture delivering her services to many of the educational institutions of Rajasthan.
With her purpose and passion she always takes and able to achieve the vision of her foundation. She is Director of Sangeet Kala Kendra, Bhilwara (Established in 1954) and National Secretary of International Human & Crime Control Organization. She is also Cultural Head of GT-20 New Delhi and Rajasthan Secretary of Gnarly Troop Foundation.
‘GALORE’, an annual event focusing art culture and heritage of Rajasthan is one of the many successful initiatives by her in past recognized by Department of Tourism, Rajasthan Government. ‘GANGAUR UTSAV’, ‘TEEJ UTSAV’ and ‘GHOOMAR WORKSHOP’ to quote are also some of her successful accomplishments.
She has adopted two government schools as she is a strong believer of bringing the change with education. She initiated project ‘HIFAZAT APNI’ for stopping child abuse by spreading awareness regarding techniques of self-protection to children.
She also initiated ‘ROSHNI’ campaign to promote sale of handmade Diyas in place of Chinese fancy electric lights at the time of Diwali focusing small local artisans.
She has been facilitated by Rajasthan Women Achievement Awards in 2016, Sahitya Academy Award for her profound work in Hindi literature, Global Achievers Award and many other awards in vivid fields related to her profile.
She is a firm believer of growth but with social justice and welfare. She has always been a key puller of ideas bringing industry society art and culture together. She believes beautiful things will happen to you if you do good things to other people.
Always do best and hope for the best is the philosophy of her life.